Stressful Day

Day started out great, liking my job a lot (will post about my new job in a bit). Day became stressful, wife found a single roach in a back closet. She talked to manager, manager thinks its our downstairs neighbor. I then called our actual landlord (the owner) and left a message. He left a … Continue reading Stressful Day

Decrepit Building

I just woke up from a horrible dream. Not a zombie, nightmare infested dream but one that could happen. We were at an older house, one that had fallen into a lot of disrepair. It belonged to an old lady who I never saw the face of, but we could hear in the background freaking … Continue reading Decrepit Building

Dream 1-6-2009

My dream last night was pretty normal. My family, heresyoftruth, ashcake, talkswithwind, yog_sothoth , and friends were all at my parents house (it wasn't their current apartment, just some other house). We were trying to cook up some sort of dinner when eman_p  showed up. He brought with him a gas stove and some food in open packages in paper bags. I spent a … Continue reading Dream 1-6-2009

Dreams 6-16-08

Last night I had two small dreams. The first involved a tiny pile of garbage, with soil, right beside a couch. I think it was our old partially circular couch with that weird texture (almost like shag). I kept trying to clean it up with my fingers. Heresyoftruth was beside me trying to clean it … Continue reading Dreams 6-16-08