Stressful Day

Day started out great, liking my job a lot (will post about my new job in a bit). Day became stressful, wife found a single roach in a back closet. She talked to manager, manager thinks its our downstairs neighbor.

I then called our actual landlord (the owner) and left a message. He left a message that someone would be out tomorrow to “take care of it” and then next week they will spray the entire building at once.
So that is partial good news… ok, its just crappy news that only partially offsets the bad news.
The day ended well though, we went to BECU and preliminary they think they will be able to approve a loan (but wont get confirmation until Wednesday so I wont hold my breath). We are thinking of a condo (or perhaps a mobile home).
So we are tentatively looking for a condo/mobile, and when full approval comes we will do that. We will probably have to jump our lease unless we take a long time and don’t find a place until next summer. However, I am willing to do that.
It is remarkable timing though, I am waiting for 200 hours worth of vacation and that should be enough for the 3.5% (or more if we get a cheaper place) downpayment.
Maybe this was all destined ūüôā
Oh, and we noted no other roaches, we ripped apart the closet, then all the rest of the closets. Then we ripped apart the bathroom and kitchen and not a single sign of anything. We are hoping it was only a scout (we hadn’t seen one in the three months we have been here before this). We are crossing our fingers.

Decrepit Building

I just woke up from a horrible dream. Not a zombie, nightmare infested dream but one that could happen.

We were at an older house, one that had fallen into a lot of disrepair. It belonged to an old lady who I never saw the face of, but we could hear in the background freaking out about the fact she might have to leave. We decided to start cleaning in the kitchen, anything to get her place into a liveable condition. The kitchen was pretty darn bad, it looked like one of those “hoarder” type setups, full of garbage and other debris, along with a broken down feeling.

I started cleaning the walls and noticed they were a weird stucco type texture.¬†As I dug into cleaning, I realized they were stucco because of dirt, grime, but especially because of bug eggs everywhere. As I cleaned, the eggs would hatch, mostly cockroaches, but other types of bugs. This isn’t very surprising, I do have a weird phobia with roaches and of course if this was a bad dream it would have that.

It was at this point I noticed the floor had holes in it. It was an old style wooden floored building. However, the hole was pretty big around, I would say almost a foot across. As I cleaned I noticed more and more insects crawling out. Over a couple minutes that I kept killing them, the insects were larger and larger as well. I eventually yelled back at the old lady that she has to come with us as I woke up trying to get her to move.

Now, that may seem like a weird dream. However, at the end I realized it was about my parents. My parents are having their health decline severely lately. They can’t clean as well, which we help with, due to inability to reach places. Their apartment isn’t like the one in the dream. Except two large issues.

The first issue is the floor by the second door into their living room. It is rotten through. You can feel the floor boards give under the carpet that no matter how often you clean, it begins to develop a mold (I assume its because the floor pushes through to under the apartment crawlspace). Supposedly they have talked with the landlords and the landlords are trying to figure out what to do about it. The problem being is my parents don’t want to move. They love the apartment and they are scared to. So it sounds like the landlord is trying to figure out if they can repair the floor while my parents stuff is there (I could repair it, but landlords are always funny, if my parents have even really talked with them).

The second issue is something I can handle, its just a bit of money up front. ALL of my parents furniture is used, ratty and pretty much destroyed (well not pretty much, it is). They haven’t had new furniture in decades, all of these are things that were at goodwill and they have had for 6+ years, or things my dad has been able to find and bring home. They have already agreed to let me buy them a used sofa/couple of padded chairs to replace them, I just haven’t been able to do that lately.

I think I am going to need to do that next weekend. The furniture is incredibly bad due to their health, but especially because of their dog and ¬†just the fact it is old furniture. They were fortunate and got a new bed last year so that part is good, the bed is in good shape. I think I will contact the local “We Care” and see if they have any good used furniture for sale. I saw a few years ago they carried some nice stuff, and its for a nice charity. If not I will have to go to another place. I will also have to rent a U-Haul pickup, theirs is dying, to deliver the old stuff to the dump and the new stuff back to the apartment the same day.

Well, I am starting to calm down. I doubt I will sleep the rest of the day, but maybe I will play some video games or something.

Dream 1-6-2009

My dream last night was pretty normal. My family,¬†[ profile] heresyoftruth,¬†[ profile] ashcake,¬†[ profile] talkswithwind,¬†[ profile] yog_sothoth¬†, and friends were all at my parents house (it wasn’t their current apartment, just some other house). We were trying to cook up some sort of dinner when¬†[ profile] eman_p¬†¬†showed up.¬†He brought with him a gas stove and some food in open packages in paper bags.

I¬†spent a lot of time in the dream trying to set up the gas stove (it connected to the gas hoses in the house). I¬†noticed there was a crack in a mounting bracket on the stove but still I¬†attempted to set it up. I¬†realized it wasn’t working fully and I could still smell gas, yet¬†[ profile] eman_p¬†and my mother both wouldn’t quit turning it on to use it to cook. Eventually we decided to use the electric stovetop on the gas stove and cooked dinner (yes, it was a gas stovetop when we started, it just changed mid dream on what it was). By the end of us cooking spaghetti I¬†turned around and found that¬†[ profile] heresyoftruth¬†had thrown away all the food. When we asked her, she said that there were ant and cockroach pupae in the bags that¬†[ profile] eman_p¬†¬†had brought over. That gave me the shivers and I¬†woke up.

Now I ask, why do you¬†[ profile] eman_p¬†¬†fight me so much over the gas stove and bring cockroach pupae over to my house?¬†ūüôā¬†

(yes, that’s just me giving you a hard time).

Dreams 6-16-08

Last night I had two small dreams. The first involved a tiny pile of garbage, with soil, right beside a couch. I think it was our old partially circular couch with that weird texture (almost like shag). I kept trying to clean it up with my fingers. Heresyoftruth was beside me trying to clean it as well. Her head was very close to the underside of the couch. Cockroaches kept coming out of this small pile of garbage, and people kept calling me away so I knew they were escaping. They would crawl out from under the couch a few moments later near the wife’s head as she tried to keep cleaning. At the end of the dream a fist sized spider crawled from under the couch (it had large spines and almost a rocklike exterior. Thats when I woke up.

The second dream was shorter, it mostly consisted of me running around my current firm during tax season. Up to the main desk while I talked to Alan, one of the major shareholders on the phone.


This morning I woke up to a most wonderful sight (insert sarcasm here). Evidently our refrigerator is dead. The freezer seems to kick on, but the fridge part is dead. I tried to fit some of our stuff in the freezer, but I have a feeling our food will be spoiled. I called the repair guy at 6am. He said to find him on the property at 8am (it sounds like he wont even come over here when he gets here). God I hate this place, last thing I need is to have to fill the fridge before I move. The hard part is the wife. If she could eat normal food, I would just say lets eat out and not worry about putting food in the fridge, but she isn’t and we can’t.

I really don’t want to go to work today already not in the best mood.